Alkaline ionized water has numerous health benefits. For starters, it restores the body's pH balance. It also works as a great natural antioxidant and it can even improve cellular hydration. By investing in a quality ionizer, you too can enjoy the benefits of this water.
image Invest in your health by choosing an efficient and reliable water ionizing machine.
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Top 5 Water Ionizers Comparison

1. Tyent UCE-11
2. Next Generation M11
3. Bawell Platinum Alkaline
4. Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9
5. Jupiter Athena JS205
Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Image
Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11 Counter-top Image
Bawell Platinum Alkaline Machine Image
Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9 Plate Alkaline Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Machine Image
Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer + Dual Water Filter JS205 Image
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Product Specifications

Tyent USA
Life Ionizers
Air Water Life
Under Counter
Counter Top/Under Counter
Counter Top/Under Counter
Counter Top/Under Counter
Counter Top/Under Counter
Dimensions (inches)
Ionizer: 14(W)x5-3/8(D)x 14(H)/Dispenser: 11.5(H)x2(D)
Weight (pounds)


Number of Plates
Plate Type
Solid/Mesh Hybrid Electrodes
Flat or Optional GRID Electrodes
Solid Electrodes
Mesh Electrodes
Plate Material
Solid/Mesh Hybrid Medical Grade, strengthened Titanium Plates—dipped multiple times in Platinum
Platinum Coated Titanium Plates
Solid Medical Grade Titanium Platinum Coated
Platinum Coated Titanium Electrolysis Plates
Platinum and Titanium
Dual Ultra Filtration
DUAL Internal Filters, Custom Pre-filter
Dual Internal Filtration
Dual Filtration
Dual Filtration System
pH Settings
Flow Rate
2 liters/min.
6 liters/min.
3,78 liters/30 sec.
4 liters/min.
3 liters/min
pH Levels
Negative ORP Levels
Up to -1050
Up to -880
Up to -800
Up to -840
Filter Life
Average 3600 litres
Average 5000 litres
Average 6000 litres
Average 3600 litres


Color LCD Display
Full Color LED Display
Color LCD Display
Multi-color LCD Display
LCD Display
Touch Screen or JogDial
Touch Screen
Touch Screen
Touch Screen
Touch Screen
Automatic Self-cleaning
Flood Prevention Sensor
Automatic Shut-Off
Voice Guided
Change Filter Display
pH Concentration Level Display
Automatic Heat Sensor


Eco Mode
Advanced RADC Self-Cleaning
Internal Dual Filtration Technology
State-of-the-Art Electroplate Technology
DARC System
Automatic Memory Function
Vitamin C Ceramic Block Filter Technology
Electrolytic Antibacterial System
Hot Water
MICOM Electronics
Integrated Temperature Sensor
Max Yield SMPS
Flow Control
Self Diagnosis Function
Optional – Life GRID Technology
Calcium Port
Optional - UV Light Technology
Biostone Filtration


Lifetime warranty
Lifetime warranty
Lifetime warranty
Lifetime warranty
Lifetime warranty

Our Latest Alkaline Water Machines Evaluation

Tyent UCE-11

1. Tyent UCE-11

If health is your main concern, the UCE-11 might just be the answer to all of your prayers as it provides ultra-hydrating alkaline ionized water on demand. The solid/mesh hybrid material in the plates, which are further strengthened with a titanium coating, ensures the electrolysis process will go faster, guaranteeing you will enjoy alkaline water whenever you please, on the spot. It comes with 11 Platinum Titanium plates and 10-AMP Plus to ensure maximum antioxidant levels.

Smart Features

As the name suggests, the appliance features 11 plates which tend to perform the electrolysis process from which the healthy alkaline water is derived. Thus, you need not worry about water purity as this concern is lifted by the design of the ionizing machine. Below you will find some notable features:

  • Dual Filtration System – To deliver only high-quality substance for hydration, it uses a dual ultra-filtration system which tends to the removal of up to 99.9% of contaminants lurking in the water, even tackling contaminants as small as 0.01 microns
  • Self-cleaning Function - This automatic function of the machine keeps the surfaces of the plates clean and smooth, allowing full contact between them and the liquid as it passes through the electrolysis chamber
  • Touch Technology – With 8 easy animated buttons, you can easily operate it. You will be able to use it as soon as you take it out of the box. As well as, you can customize and adjust the pH levels according to your needs
  • SMPS Plus technology – It provides up to 55 different settings to choose between in terms of power consumption due to this, so you don't worry the ionizing machine might leave a big hole in your budget by drawing too much power when it runs.


For your convenience, while using it, on the color LCD display, it shows pH concentration levels and other important info, like filter replacement announcement. Additionally, it allows you to choose the preferred setting and pH level with the simple touch of a button, thus an intuitive use being ensured with it. The unit has been created from stainless steel. It has a sleek design so it will blend with any décor. You can place it above your sink and it will look like any standard house appliance. The Easy Tap Touch System will ensure that you have an easy time operating it. Less touching, fewer bacteria to deal with. If you are looking for an aesthetic model, you should thoroughly consider this model.

Dual filtration system removes up to 99.9% of water contaminants as small as 0.01 micronsLacks the automatic heat sensor feature
Increased flow rate ensures less water waste occurs when using it
Large plate surface area – 385 square inches
Interactive touch screen technology ensures an intuitive use of the machine
Allows you to choose between 55 adjustable levels of power consumption to keep energy consumption in check

Easy for the whole family to use and delivering the highest-quality alkaline water on demand, the UCE-11 from Tyent is, by far, the best appliance in its niche. Although it is a costly purchase, it is an investment you will recuperate fast as it provides clean water at a much lower price than bottled water. Furthermore, it helps keep you healthy and improves life quality as it uses platinum-coated plates for a thorough electrolysis process of the water you ingest and use for cooking purposes.

Next Generation M11

2. Next Generation M11

Quite an imposing presence on the countertop, the M11 by Next Generation is as stylish as it is easy to use, providing you with alkaline ionized water of the best quality and purity on demand. We are confident this machine delivers clean water to hydrate with due to the dual internal filters it comes with, which tend to the purification and contaminant-removal processes. Furthermore, this countertop machine can actually be converted to an under counter system in just a few steps, a feature which not many ionizing appliances boast and that helps clear counter space where it is needed.


It automatically changes flow control to suit the situation best at all times, so no issues will arise from this point of view. For your convenience, it features a fully colored LED display that allows automatic voice prompting, so every member of the household will be able to use it hassle-free. Best of all, it allows you to regulate power consumption in order to ensure that you won’t notice a considerable rise when the time comes to pay the bills. Among its most impressive features stands the Max Yield Switched Mode Power Supply which ensures more antioxidant potential into the water you drink. It provides users with 8 settings to choose between, which include 1 purified, 4 alkaline, and 3 acidic options

Smart Features

The company has created this product in order to provide you with maximum efficiency. This is why they have paid great importance to details and features. This model is one of the best sellers because it has been designed with your needs in mind. Below you will find some of the notable features this product has:

  • Switch Mode Power Supply – This feature allows the product to adjust the voltage used. It prevents interference and it ensures that the unit doesn't overheat whilst operating. The unit has a capacity of 800 watts but you can connect it to a 120 volts outlet
  • Vitamin C Filter - the Vitamin C Ceramic Block filter technology it features, a quite unique and interesting presence, helps keep you protected from the harmful effects of ingesting chlorine and chlorinates when you hydrate
  • UV Light Technology – This feature allows efficient cleaning. The light will be able to get rid of microorganisms and bacteria that is lurking in the water. The electromagnetic radiation provides an extra layer of protection from viruses
  • Customized Filtration – The company analyzes reports annually based on the contaminants in the area you live in. Then, they customize your filtration system based on what chemicals your area is dealing with. This, why they ensure that you get the protection your own house needs


This is a compact machine that fits on your countertop, but it can be easily converted into an under counter unit. The sturdy housing holds a large LCD screen so you can observe the status of the device and there are clearly labeled buttons on the top side. The user-friendly control panel enables you to operate it with ease and takes out the guessing when it comes to obtaining alkaline water.

During the filtration stages, it traps sediments, treats toxins, and addresses chlorine and chloramine contaminationUV light technology is optional – feature must be added separately
Can easily be converted from a countertop to an under counter machine
RADC cleaning system it features ensures hard water will not be an issue for you anymore
SMPS Power System can generate up to 800 watts of power
Provides alkaline water with high antioxidant potential due to -880 ORP level

Helping you neutralize harmful acidity and keeping you properly hydrated to ensure a better health, the Next Generation M11 is a must-have in the household of people who care for their health. Backed by the manufacturer for a lifetime and featuring a plethora of functions which aid make its performance superior to that of competitive ionizing machines, it is an option we strongly recommend you look into when shopping.

Bawell Platinum Alkaline

3. Bawell Platinum Alkaline

A bit more convenient in terms of pricing while not sacrificing operational quality, the Bawell Platinum is an alkaline water producing appliance you will become addicted to using quick. The great-tasting hydrating liquid it provides is all due to the 7 solid, medical-grade titanium platinum plates it uses which provide a total surface area of 144 square inches, as well as the dual internal filtration system it comes with which passes the substance through 3 stages of filtration before letting it pour in your glass.

Excllent Design

It features an automatic reverse cleaning function which activates with every startup and shut down of the machine, ensuring the plates are kept clean for a full contact between them and the passing water to be achieved. Obviously, these features take out any related maintenance work you would have otherwise needed to perform on the appliance.Besides being compatible with standard and old faucet designs, the universal adapter it comes with makes it fit sprayer or pull out style faucet heads just as well. Therefore, compatibility is not an issue you ever have to worry about. Furthermore, it features an electrolytic antibacterial system which ensures the elimination of germs and bacteria from the water you hydrate with, further helping keep you safe and healthy. Taking into consideration all of these aspects as well as the asking price for the machine, we strongly recommend you opt for it.

Fast and Efficient

This model can offer you a high-standard performance. The water produces tastes much better than tap water. It produces the desired water at a high rate so you do not have to wait for a long time. In addition to this, it puts to your disposal no less than 8 different pre-programmed levels to choose between with a simple touch, more precisely – weak alkaline, medium alkaline, strong alkaline, ultra strong alkaline, purified, weak acidic, medium acidic, and strongly acidic.You also get the option to attach any additional filters of your choice. Please bear in mind that there are already two inside of the unit. It's very efficient in producing alkaline water and acidic water for effective cleaning purposes. The lifetime warranty is a great advantage if you want the most out of the product for the money paid.

Ease of use

The unit can fit on any type of faucet, regardless the design, due to the universal adaptor that fits both pull out and sprayer faucets. The device connects directly to your bathroom or kitchen faucet from under the sink and sits on the counter so you can easily get to the alkaline water. Both the faucet and water line adapters are included in the installation kit.The device is handled easily through the large touchscreen LCD controls that clearly display the functions of water ionizing.
The 5 power settings it features put at your disposal 35 different alkaline and acidic water levelsDoes not display the pH concentration level
The 7 titanium platinum coated plates it features provide a 144 square inch total surface area 
The universal faucet adaptor enables it to fit all faucet styles and designs 
Can be used as an under counter or countertop appliance, depending on your counter space and preference 
Comes at a more affordable price when compared to other ionizing machines in its category 

In addition to boasting numerous features and functions which help provide the purest alkaline water to hydrate with, this Bawell machine comes at a reasonable price as well. the under counter or countertop appliance is a great addition to any modern household filled with people who care for their health, and an option we urge you seriously think about investing in.

Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9

4. Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9

Built with FDA approved plastics, an aspect which shows how Eco-friendly its construction is as well as the manufacturing process itself, the Deluxe 9 is an ionizing machine which delivers pure water for consumption on demand, for a fair asking price too.As the manufacturing company is more than aware of how qualitative and durable this purifying and alkaline water producing system is, it offers a lifetime warranty for it. As a result, you never have to stress about maintenance procedures, repair costs, or eventual replacements. Furthermore, those who have already purchased from Air Water Life praise the company for the serious manner in which it treats customer complaints and issues, so you will face no problems in this department whatsoever.

Innovative Features

In order to get the most out of your money, you need a model that is designed with useful and practical features. This model has everything that you will possibly need. In addition to them, it has also been designed with advanced features in order to comply with your high-standard. Below you will find some notable features that this model has:
  • Multiple Water Settings – It delivers 7 healthy water settings you can choose between, and it allows you to set the pH level of the liquid anywhere you like between 3.5 and 11, so freedom of customization is an aspect which shines with this appliance
  • Environmentally Friendly - This model has a lot of features that it presents itself with. The first being the RoHS which translates to Restriction of Hazardous Substances and ETL which stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories. They all prove that this is a safe unit
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential – The product has been designed to reach a pH level of 11.5. As well as, it's powerful enough to boost the antioxidant potential up to +1000 ORP
  • Auto-cleaning Technology – The pre-installed feature ensures that you do not have to waste a long time to maintain it. The cleaning time takes around 30 seconds and it's extremely powerful to get rid of water contaminants that have stuck to the unit on the inside

Excellent Performance

One of the spec elements which impresses the most is definitely the 4 liters per minute flow rate which ensures an uninterrupted stream of clean water pouring into your glass whenever you are thirsty. The maximum operating temperature of the machine is 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while the wattage can range from 5 to 350 watts, adjustable according to the source water. Before it outputs the liquid, it actually passes it through a 3-stage cleaning cycle where a high, almost perfect percentage of contaminants are removed for the sake of your health and well-being.It has been claimed that you will be able to get the machine up and running within 10 minutes of getting it out of the box. All of the buttons are conveniently positioned and you can easily operate them as the instructions on the user manual are easy to follow. Even though it's small, you won't have to worry about waiting a long period of time for the alkaline water to be produced.
Puts 7 water settings at your disposal to choose betweenDoes not feature an automatic shut-off
Boasts an antioxidant potential ranging from +1000 to -840You are not announced when the filter needs to be changed
Negative poles of the plate automatically reverse for 10 seconds after every 15 minutes of continuous use 
The 9 plates it uses offers a total surface area of 146.57 square inches 
Lifetime warranty backing and serious customer service 

Compact and relatively lightweight, this Air Water Life ionizing machine is exactly what you need if you want to have freedom of choice when it comes to the quality and type of water you use or consume. It comes at an affordable price, and the plethora of features which accompany it make the appliance worth the investment without a doubt.

Jupiter Athena JS205

5. Jupiter Athena JS205

With a discrete design and encouraging versatility in the installation process due to the fact that it can be used either as an under counter or a countertop ionizing machine, the JS205 is an appliance we recommend for you. Undoubtedly, one of its main strong points is the fact that it is extremely affordable – keeping in mind how expensive these appliances tend to get, this is an important aspect to take into consideration.For your convenience, on the display, it tells you how much life the filter has left. Thus, guesswork is eliminated out of the maintenance process. Providing a satisfactory multi-stage filtration of the liquid which passes through it, you will not have to worry about contaminants lurking in the water you consume anymore. Additionally, it puts 9 different pH settings to allow you to choose the exact type of water you want to use or consume.


There is a water valve that enables you to adjust the water flow rate so you can control the pressure and the pH of the water. The water flow running through the water ionizer is displayed on the LCD screen so you will know how much water the unit is handling. A novelty of this water ionizer is the low-pressure alarm that turns off the unit when the water pressure is too low, which could damage the device. The Jupiter Athena JS205 has a display indicator that lets you know when the unit has been turned off due to a low water pressure, so the device will be protected from damage.One of its main highlights, undoubtedly, is the fact that it uses triple diaphragms and a valve to automatically adjust water flow to proper levels. Over and above that, the double action reverse cleaning system it utilizes ensures scale will not bind to the electronic cell, thus keeping the ionizing appliance working at its finest permanently.

Easy Installation

Water ionizers are usually easy to install because there isn't too much plumbing required. This particular one isn't any different, being very user-friendly when it comes to attaching it to the water pipe. It can be installed in a snatch on the counter and you can also choose to purchase a separate kit for placing it under the sink. The controls are clearly displayed and labeled on the front interface so there will be no guessing in what type of water to select or how to handle other features. There is even a filter change indicator light that flashes whenever it's time to replace the cartridge. With the voice indicator and the brightly-lit screen, this ionizer is intuitive and hassle-free.
Uses the MICOM control system to optimize the OPR and pH levels of the water you consumeDoes not feature a flood prevention sensor
Double action reverse cleaning system keeps the machine up and running perfectly for a long time 
Features triple diaphragms which automatically adjust water flow for your convenience 
Displays the pH level of the water it is producing on the screen 
Can be used as an under counter or countertop machine 

Boasting a modern, distinctive exterior which makes the machine stand out if you place it on the countertop, the JS205 is a must-have for those looking for an appliance that can help boost the quality of their life. It features 5 plates and delivers 9 pH settings to choose between, all while coming at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a bargain, this is the ionizing machine we recommend.

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When you are considering purchasing a water ionizing machine for the beneficial effects of the ionized alkaline water, you should analyze the Bawell Platinum as well. This high-quality device manages to filter and ionize the tap water without much effort from you and without using harmful technologies, thus being a good investment for your health.
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Scientific Proven Facts

The very first thing that you need to know is the fact that this water will positively benefit your health. There are no side effects, and nothing bad can happen. You will simply improve your health by drinking clean, natural water. Exactly what your body needs. It tastes much better than regular tap and bottled water. As well as, it will also hydrate food better than regular water. In fact, if you know anyone that lives with Cancer or is a diabetic, you need to let them know that this water can contribute to getting them better.
  • It destroys cancer cells - The Japanese Ministries of Health has classified this water as an approved medical device. It will help millions of people fighting disease. This is due to the fact that it has the ability to kill some of the bad cells. A medical study has shown the fact that it contributed towards the death of leukemia cells.
  • It restores the body's pH balance - Do you always feel tired regardless of how much you've rested? If so, that means your body is too acidic. The majority of people are too acidic due to the food they eat, drink, and quality of air. This water has a high pH level which will act as a balance between what you have in your body and what you need.
  • Anti-diabetic properties - A medical study has concluded that alkaline ionized water will help to improve glucose levels and glucose tolerance in both Type 1 and Type 2. Furthermore, it also has the ability to destroy RPS as it helps to prevent the damage caused to pancreatic cells. Therefore, it can protect and serve you.
  • It improves hydration - The smaller groups of molecules are better absorbed by the body. The ionized water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which provides a much faster and a more efficient hydration and nutrient absorption than the un-ionized water sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plain water, the one pouring out of the taps in your home or inside plastic bottles you find in stores usually has a pH of approximately 7.0. On the other hand, alkaline water typically ranges in pH from 8 to 9, helping you raise alkaline levels in your body and lower acidity linked to unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. Among the health issues alkaline water helps prevent or resolve are – cancer formation due to the eradication of free radicals, deactivating the pepsin which causes acid reflux, and so on. Furthermore, it is superior in terms of hydration as it is easier for your cells to absorb it, coming in smaller clusters than plain water.
All machines feature either titanium or platinum coating on their plates, sometimes even a combination of both. These hard, dense metals do not break as time passes, helping electrodes last forever. Furthermore, they help speed up the process of electrolysis, ionizing the liquid instantly as it passes through the electrolysis chamber. Thus, without the addition of this coating, the ionizing process would not go as fast and it wouldn’t be as safe either.
The cleanliness of the plates affects the ionization process as a whole, a clean surface ensuring full contact between the liquid and these surfaces. Thus, regular cleaning is required, a process which you would find to be grueling if required to do it yourself. Hence the automatic self-cleaning feature that takes this load off of your hands, continuously tending to the task behind the scenes to ensure the plates always have direct contact with the water during electrolysis, thus guaranteeing quality persistency.
The cleanliness of the plates affects the ionization process as a whole, a clean surface ensuring full contact between the liquid and these surfaces. Thus, regular cleaning is required, a process which you would find to be grueling if required to do it yourself. Hence the automatic self-cleaning feature that takes this load off of your hands, continuously tending to the task behind the scenes to ensure the plates always have direct contact with the water during electrolysis, thus guaranteeing quality persistency.

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