Water Ionizer Buying Guide

Water ionizers are gaining a lot of popularity due to the fact that they provide the people who own them with healthy alkaline ionized water that offers superior hydration and that restores the body’s pH balance, leading to a boost of the immune system and a better health. If you are considering buying an ionizer for your own use, you should first read this buying guide to have a better grasp on the elements and components that make a good unit to know exactly what to look for.

Plate technology

The number of plates used in a water ionizing machine depends on the manufacturer and model, the plates being one of the most important components of the ionization potential, and only by understanding the plate technology you can choose a unit that produces good quality ionized water. When it comes to quality water ionizers, the plates are made from a high-grade titanium to which two layers of platinum are applied to make the electrical conductivity better. There are only two types of plates, flat or mesh. Flat plates are smooth, they don’t have any texture, only a titanium plate with platinum coating, while mesh plates are textured in a number of different ways, they are double coated with platinum, and they come in three basic designs, being “true” mesh, hybrid mesh, and slotted mesh.

Computerized control system

All devices and appliances have a “brain”, and the ionizer’s “brain” is the computerized control system. Water ionizers have basic computerized control systems to ensure that the commands of the user are being done by the device, allowing for filter life monitorization, multiple pH level selection, and giving the user the ability to costumize the unit’s performance.


All water ionizers have an internal filter that is designed to remove lead, chlorine, and a lot of other contaminants from the water that they are ionizing. These filtration systems vary depending on the manufacturer and model, and you should test your tap water to know what contaminants you are confronted with before buying the machine to make sure that its filter will handle decontaminating it efficiently.


The key component to determining how effective a certain product will perform is the amount of power available for use during the ionization process. Water ionizers generally range from 70-400 watts of power when they are at maximum performance levels, the water being “ionized” when the sufficient amount of electrical current is delivered to the water to cause its molecules to split, dividing into positive and negative ions. What you have to remember is that the more electrical current gets delivered to the water, the greater the ionization potential is, therefore you must pay careful attention to this aspect when buying the unit.


    1. Richard Vowels

      The water alkalizer will provide you with a lot of health benefits and that’s why most people love it. The most important aspect of this device and the”magic” as you said, it is a simple process, called electrolysis that removes harmful chemicals from your tap water and retain beneficial minerals.

    1. Richard Vowels

      Usually, the water filter has a LED or counter indicator on the front panel that provides you with information about the filter life.

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